Amy Tustian

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Amy is a talented natural presenter and performer who is particularly comfortable in front of an audience.

Amy’s experience includes stealing the show at the age of 10 as a comic speaker in the Black Stump Festival’s annual Comedy Debate, delivering her own 6 minute routine to argue against the topic “Youth is Wasted on the Young” in front of a packed festival crowd. She is the only child speaker in the 20 year history of that annual show.

Her mastery of presentation is also illustrated by her dominance as a public speaker. Amy has represented her school every year as the champion public speaker of her grade, and went on to win the grand final on three out four attempts (and was runner up the other time).

Amy enjoys drama and attends classes at two different drama schools throughout the week. She has performed in the children’s ensemble of OLIVER! with the Eastwood Uniting Church Musical Society and as Kathy Cratchit in SCROOGE! with the Normanhurst Uniting Church Musical Society. She hopes, one day, to appear in a show that has no exclamation mark in the title. She also appeared in the central role of Holly in IMMATERIAL, a made-for-YouTube Doctor Who fan film.

When not acting, presenting or entertaining herself through singing, Amy plays the flute and attempts (unsuccessfully) to talk her parents into letting her get a pet pig.


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