Matthew Sunderland

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Matthew is an award-winning actor from New Zealand (Best Actor in a Feature Film – ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’ 2006). Recently, Matthew performed in London with The Generation Of Z’, an underground immersive theatre show, before flying to the jungles of Columbia to shoot ‘The Lost City Of Z’, a Hollywood feature by renowned director James Gray. He is currently looking for other projects whose title ends with …OF Z.

Matthew worked as a seasoned voice over artist in New Zealand, and is now Sydney based. He has lent his dulcet tones to many major campaigns. Matthew’s ability to take direction and utilize his 25 year acting experience in a pressurized work environment means he is a ‘Go to’ for major corporate clients.


  1. We put out an offer out to Matthew when we were assembling our cast for The Generation of Z. It was one of those offers that you imagine will never be accepted by someone so revered and sought after. But then shockingly we received a yes and suddenly he was among us, working tirelessly, shoulder to shoulder with us to make our crazy dream come true. Gen Z is a hugely demanding show, that requires mammoth commitment and skill from our performers. Matthew has exceeded our expectations at every turn and as a result we have taken him with us wherever the show has gone. He is always a stand out and has delighted and enthralled our audiences in New Zealand, in our sell-out season at the Edinburgh Festival and then in the resulting storm we created in London. He is a performer of exquisite truth, an incredibly hard worker, a reliable team mate and a wonderful human being. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I look forward to witnessing his future work, and to creating further works with him.

    Simon London - Key Creative & Executive Producer, The Generation Of Z

  2. Matt is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. He brings an incredible honesty and gravitas to his roles, and as a director you know the character is in very safe hands with him.

    Paul Campion - Director 'The Devils Rock'

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