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It seemed like the new recording from Matty Morris would never see the light of day. Finally, after working endless 13 hour weeks….it is ready. And for the first time, Matty has agreed to talk….to answer the questions and address the rumours…check it out here

Matty Morris was born into a circus family and as part of a balanced diet still consumes one bag of fairy floss per day. *

Matty can swim 3.5 laps underwater in his Mum and Dad’s above ground pool. **

Matty has a Malvern Star called Gary.  Matty and Garry love to zoom down hills. Matty likes “Ghosties”.  Garry does not like “Ghosties” ***

Matty started working in community radio when he was 14. Received his first on air gig when he was 17, was in the Wollongong market by 19 and at Triple M Melbourne before his 21st birthday. Matty still loves long blocks of classic rock and pays for everything in cold hard cash!

Matty once played basketball for “Australia” in the notorious C grade competition.  Working together with his fellow Australians, Matty’s team came close to making the finals.

Matty has played guitar and sung in bands forever. A song he wrote was once picked up by a record label and given a good work out on radio. Matty still plays gigs and chicks still dig it. ****

Matty calls Joel and Benji Madden old friends *****

Matty Morris challenges you to a game of elastics tomorrow at 4.15pm.


  • * Simply not true.
  • ** Record formerly held by Matty’s tubby older brother.
  • *** “Ghostie” – To ride a bike at full speed then jump off, causing the bike to drift on its own.
  • **** Chicks do not dig it.
  • ***** Even though they are not.


  1. I am continually impressed with the quality Matty brings to a session. If you need to get the feel right, Matty goes the extra mile…….every time. There’s a reason why his voice is on some of the biggest campaigns.

    Chris Gates - Commercial Production Manager, The Studio SCA

  2. I love working with Matty Morris. He is super reliable and always switched on – you can count on him to exceed all your client’s expectations. No matter the job, he always brings something extra to the table. A real pro’s pro.

    Maria Borowski - Leo Burnett, Melbourne

  3. I love ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’ and really liked the sound of the voice over guy. I searched online and found out that it was you Matty! I really love how you get the show started with your enthusiasm, and especially how you introduce Sam Pang “And Sam Paaaang”. I am glad that I found you to tell you that I enjoy your work!

    Joanne Lewis

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