Anthony Badolato

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Tony Concord, the friendly coffee shop owner…
Bad Boy Badolato, the edgy, risk-taking lawbreaker…
Tony B, the cool, hip, promo dude…
T-Bone, warm hearted, ultimate lover…

Anthony Badolato is a bubbly, versatile, honest, youthful and all-round nice guy.  With several years on the production side of projects for just about every medium you could think of, the studio environment is nothing new to Anthony.  He has spent years developing his skills directing voice actors on some of Australia’s biggest radio, television and online campaigns, so he not only knows how to direct, but how to be directed – and he loves it.  Now you just need to decide whether you want to grab a coffee from Tony Concord’s, jump off a bridge with Bad Boy, go skating with Tony B or have a candle lit dinner with T-Bone. The choice is yours.


  1. Great Voice!


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