Cymone Rose

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Cymone has worked and studied (NIDA, UWL- USA, QUT, USQ) extensively as an actor. As a Voice Actor, she is renowned for her versatility, from that natural real ‘person off the street’ read, to Paris Hilton, then warm, sincere and Mumsy, a sexy chick with attitude, to mature corporate informative, or a bubbly bright 20 something. She does incredibly authentic accents and has an extensive range of fun animated character voices.

Client feedback:

“Hands down one the best voice over artists I have ever worked with”
M. Robb, Senior Producer, Foxtel

‘’From slick promos to natural acting and everything in between, Cymone’s versatility makes her one of the best VOs I have worked with in 12 years of casting voices.’’
E. Rice, Head of Creative, Southern Cross Austereo

“She’s the most talented, vibrant, kind and professional voice artist out there.”
D. Dalton, Inflight TV Production Manager, Qantas

“Amazing listener, responds superbly to direction, talented, focused, super intelligent, creative, patient, funny… true professionalism”
A. Fitzgerald, Senior Producer, Foxtel

“She has an actors brain, and an angels voice. Definition of a pro. Arrives early, beautifully presented, kind, courteous, and patient. A talented artist and a great person”
M. Dale, Producer, Channel 9

“Focused, smart, creative, sharp witted, punctual, she makes my job easy. She’s truly a great talent!”
D. Hunter, Sound Designer/Producer, Foxtel

“True professional. Gets the job done without fuss, often requiring only one take.”
L. Wall, Producer, Foxtel

“One of my favourite voice actors. She’s warm, bright, effervescent, dramatic, cool, calm, quite, loud, hard, soft, melodic, sexy, emotive, happy, sad, light, heavy, eager, real, unreal, and most of all fun!”
B. Dowling, Owner, TSD Production

“It’s rare to find a Voice Actor who just ‘gets it’, with Cymone you get exactly that. She can breeze in and effortlessly nail every session.”
M. Keygan, Producer, Foxtel

“Quickly understands the brief, provides fantastic diversity and flexibility and is always reliable. Highly recommended”
K. Maher, Director, Captiv8

“Cymone is highly experienced & versatile. I’ve worked with her for over 10 years and whether the job is a corporate narration, a TVC, or an acting performance, she nails it. I can’t recommend Cymone highly enough.
D. Allan, Owner, Zig Zag Studios

“A vast vocal and character range and is never daunted by difficult jobs or direction. A delight to work with and makes every job easy.”
S. Hessell, Bento Productions

“She is wonderfully versatile as a voice artist, as well as being very warm, patient and professional with clients. Cymone has always been the total package”
K. Henwood, Manager, Nylon

“Cymone brings experience, creativity, enthusiasm & great fun to every session. She’ll get there on time, be lovely to your clients, take direction well, deliver fantastic work. I can’t recommend her highly enough”
S. O’Donoghue, Media Manager, ABC

“Talented, versatile artist who gives you 110% everytime. A true pleasure to work with, a favourite within copywriter and producer circles”
M. Butler, Senior Creative, (ARN, NOVA, SCA)

“Cymone has such a great range with her voice acting and characters, that she’s always my first point of call when we need talent”
E. Steer Producer, Foxtel

“I have hired Cymone on many campaigns and she has never disappointed. Put simply, if you book her, you book one of the best.”
R. Campbell, National Account Manager, Southern Cross Austereo

“I have been recording Cymone for over 10 years, and she has a one take average. She makes every job look and sound easy, and makes even a mundane session of counting from 1 to 1000 a joy. A fantastic talent.”
J. Wilmot, Senior Engineer, Audio Brien

“Cymone Rose, you rule the universe. When I think of sensual, sass, and sexy, I think of you.”
A. Eadie, SCA Perth

“You’re a f**king superstar! I can’t believe it… you must be a robot!”
‘The Power Pig’, Nova Adelaide


  1. A session with Cymone Rose is always the highlight of my day”. A colleague once said this, and I totally agree. She is a gun. People know Cymone for her warm, genuine read; perfect for FMCGs, beauty, parenting products and trusted advice. They will know her, too, for cheeky – and often sexy – trailers, promos and imaging. Cymone’s’ hidden talent, though, is versatility, natural tone and a willingness to try anything with her voice. Accents, characters, voice acting – you name it, Cymone can nail it. With a smile and energy, Cymone runs the gamut, effortlessly seguing between serious to silly. By all means, book Cymone to tell mums which painkiller their toddler needs, or which eye cream will turn back time – but also, give her a chance to surprise you with out-of-the-booth fun. And now that you know the secret, I have to kill you.

    Emily Rice - Southern Cross Austereo

  2. Cymone is just marvelous. She’s the most talented voice artist there is.

    Gumby, Sky TV

  3. After a sesh with Cymone, I was quoted saying this…

    “OMG Cymone! You are absolutely A-list talent. You’re a one take wonder. Just awesome! Wow. You nailed it! Thats exactly what I wanted.”

    Cindy Donato

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