Nikos Andronicos

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Nikos is an experienced voice artist, presenter, actor, broadcaster, screenwriter and director.

In the booth, he’s known for his sharp ear for direction, his great attitude and his ability to deliver a great read, every time.

On screen, he can be seen fronting the SBS documentary series Greeks of the Sea, asking the hard questions on NineMSN’s Kids Talk News and helming sporting documentaries for Austereo’s Greenfield Post as part of commentary duo TippyTappy Sports.

Behind the camera, he writes and directs films, TV and digital shorts, including the award-winning feature Ad Nauseam, the activewear-heavy ABC TV series Wham Bam Thankyou Ma’am, the animated series Psychotown for MTV, and sketch comedy for College Humor and Giant Dwarf.


  1. The first time I worked with Nikos he was an eager to please, shiny faced 8 year old. Back then he brought an indefatigable enthusiasm & energy to every job. 25 years later, nothing much has changed. Nikos can still read anything we give him & he can read it fast. The only difference is he no longer has the shiny face. Which is good.

    Greg - Take 2

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