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I often think about how lucky I have been over the 12 years or so that I’ve been with RMK. It’s a real privilege to be working daily, doing what I love, for many of Australia’s very best creatives. Working with these writers, producers, directors and sound engineers over the years has enabled me to fine tune and shape my abilities as a voice artist. Their direction has led me to have a real understanding of subtlety, nuance and timing when it comes to the simple act of “reading a script”. Being able to interpret and respond to direction and then be able to add or subtract ½ shades or even ¼ shades of difference to a read has played a big part in keeping me so busy with the wonderful variety of voice jobs that I do each week.

I have also discovered that I have a particular ability with very long scripts – often narrations for complex products like pharmaceuticals and technology. This knack means I am often called upon for these long narrations when time is in short supply, and a client needs to know that we can get through a script quickly and efficiently. Another type of script I love is the Research Narrative – in fact I have created a specific demo of this style.

Please listen to my compilation demo as a starting point. I hope that you might then decide that there’s something special that I can bring to your project. You might also like to visit my own website:

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Television, Acting, Other skills and Interests:
Television presenting:
Simon is also an experienced on camera presenter. His warm, distinctive voice combined with an attractive, engaging on-camera persona has seen him doing more and more of this type of work through 2011 and 2012. His styles cover a wide range from the expert tradesman to the business professional. Please watch his “presenting” showreel while you’re here.

In the past few years he’s featured in a range of TV commercials in acted roles ranging from dad with the kids to the serious businessman to the friendly tradesman along with other roles like one of the fellas at the pub through to the lab coated scientist.

Other stuff:  Simon holds a drivers licence, powerboat licence, firearms licence and a SCUBA certificate. He has a young daughter so has just discovered the thrills of weekend netball! He has a keen interest in aviation holding a recreational pilot’s licence plus a soon to be completed private pilot’s licence. He’s very handy in the kitchen and also loves snow skiing, dirt bike riding, sport kite flying and fishing. He’s a keen gardener with a bountiful vegie and herb patch alongside two backyard chooks named “cupcakes and milkshakes”.


  1. Simon seems to be able to walk up to a script and just ‘get it’. You never have to explain your idea, he’s already thought about it, understands it, and knows how to best portray it. Simon has one of those voices that isn’t a ‘traditional’ voice. He’s not over-polished, and that makes him much more relatable. He doesn’t read, he communicates.

    Matt Dickson - Creative Director (and Gold Siren winner), Southern Cross Austereo.

  2. Simon is one of those voices I think of as a chameleon. It doesn’t matter who the client is, or what the product is, he just fits in & sounds right. He is a skilled voice artist who is quick in the studio & understands the nuances of the spoken word. Simon has a knack of turning complicated scripts into clear communications. Book him.

    Greg Crittenden - Take 2 Creative Audio

  3. Simon Harvey has the kind of voice that mothers love” – someone once said that to me in a session and it seems to be true as Simon is continuously booked to talk to the everyday woman. He’s super easy to work with and nails it every time!

    Abigail Sie - Song Zu

  4. I’ve known Simon Harvey ever since he started in the Australian Voice Over scene. And that was years ago. His experience and expertise always brings that extra something to a recording session. He is great with clients, always delivers, and without stating the obvious, he has a great voice. And I gotta say, I’m not sure I’ve worked with anyone who can read page after page of long complicated script without making a mistake like Simon can. Sure makes my job easier. If you haven’t worked with Simon, you should.

    Brad Power - Stellar Entertainment

  5. Simon constantly delivers a perfect read every take, he’s always professional and willing to go the extra mile for his clients, from one word to pages of phone prompts! Simon’s voice box is in my studio box a lot! Hence the level of quality he delivers in our voice over world.

    Simon Lister - Nylon Studios, Sydney and New York

  6. I have worked with Simon for many years and it’s always a pleasure to have him in the studio. Simon brings an incredible amount of experience to every voice over session and is always willing to try anything to get that perfect take. He has a great skill at choosing just the right feel (mood, style, emotion) for every read.
    I highly recommend Simon for any voiceover work you may have.

    Bill Dowling - TSD Audio Production

  7. Simon is one the most clear and precise voices in the business. Whether you want ‘real’ or ‘retail’, ‘warm’ or ‘wacky’, Simon delivers every time. Simon is at the top of his game!

    Chris Gregson - Network Creative Director, Macquarie Media Limited

  8. I’ve recorded many radio campaigns with Simon, ranging from over-wordy retail spots to demanding character reads. Whatever the script, Simon’s a very intuitive voice artist, who always goes the extra yard to really lift it off the page. Easygoing, collaborative and a fun presence in any session.

    Michael Caloudis - Senior Creative Writer, Nova Entertainment

  9. It doesn’t matter whether he’s playing a biker or a banker; Simon’s utterly trustworthy tone brings a bucket of bonhomie to any read you can throw at him.

    Simon Hills-Johnes - Creative Director, Nova 969/SmoothFM 95.3

  10. Simon is the kind of Voice Artist that can rescue a bad script from the edge of Turddom, and actually make it sound good!

    Eddie Bye - Commercial Production Manager at Nova Entertainment, Adelaide

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