Ziggy Taylor

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Ziggy has been a voice actor for over 10 years… he started working when most kids his age were playing with matchbox cars. Not to say he didn’t also play with matchbox cars, matchbox cars are awesome! But let’s just say he has a wealth of experience, rarely seen in performers his age.

His versatility and enthusiasm has seen him voice for some of the biggest brands in the world and his natural promo abilities are sought after by some of Australia’s major television and radio networks.

Ziggy does Promos, Doco’s, Commercials (natural, voice acting reads and high energy retail), Programme Narrations, Phone Systems and has even created a voice for a talking Coke machine… no need to track down talking Coke machines to hear him though, just press play on his demo here (also note that he’s happy to simulate the ‘talking Coke machine’ experience – when you see him next just give him $2 and he’ll bring you an icy cold can of Coke and say something cool like “life tastes good with Coca Cola”).


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